Teresa Saia

Finding a Personal Direction - Watercolor

June 3-7
Intermediate / Advanced $595

This workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced watercolor students who not only desire to learn new techniques and design concepts, but also seek a personally satisfying direction to their painting. Mr. Schink will begin each day with a slide show, demonstration or lecture in which he discusses and explains techniques and concepts of design and expression. Using examples of a variety of past and present artists, Mr. Schink explains how they use color and design to reinforce their expressive intent. He will assist each student to apply some of these ideas to their own work. There will be group critiques of work produced during the workshop and he will also conduct individual critiques of student's work produced outside of class. To quote Mr. Schink, "in short, the class is not about how I paint, but rather about helping each student identify how she or he wants to paint."

California artist Christopher Schink is known throughout the US for his bold, direct paintings. His work has been featured in numerous one and two man shows and many national and regional exhibitions. He is the author of Mastering Color and Design in Watercolor and Color and Light For the Watercolor Painter, both published by Watson-Guptill. He has been the subject of featured articles in American Artist Watercolor 90 and 95, The Artist Magazine March 98 and International Artists, and he is the co-editor and publisher of a popular instructional magazine, The Palette Magazine. Mr. Schink is an elected member of The National Watercolor Society and an Honorary Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. For more information visit his website at www.christopherschink.com