Teresa Saia

Going into Abstraction in Pastels

June 11-14
All Levels $435

This unique workshop will use the aesthetics and principals of early 20th century abstract and non-objective artists as a means toward going into abstraction. Each student will choose a theme, form or subject and follow it through a series of works that reveal the territory of your vision. For example you could go from works based on nature to works improvised after nature into works that are compositions without direct reference to naturalism. With Diane as your guide, you will find your visual language as it exists in form, line, shape and color and begin to let go of the minds control over imagery and discover expressionism where the non-logical, instinctive and subconscious mind takes over.

Diane Townsend received her BFA from Indiana University and her MFA from Queens College. She has had numerous one-person and group exhibitions and has taught art for many years. She has been making her own pastels since 1971 and is the sole force behind Diane Townsend Artist's Pastels. For more information about Diane, visit her website: www.townsendpastels.com