Teresa Saia

Expressive Color-Plein Air Oil-Team

July 30-Aug 2
Some Experience Helpful $435

This unique workshop, taught by the team of Robert Gamblin and Catherine Kumlin, is designed to help you strengthen your use of color and begin to understand the relationship between color and emotions. Each day will begin with color exercise and discussion in the studio. Then you will move out of doors and paint the local landscape in order to practice using color as a personally expressive element in your normal painting style. With Robert and Catherine as your guide, you will learn to move beyond simply rendering the landscape and learn how to use color as a tool to infuse in your painting what it felt like for you to be "in that place, in that moment in time".

A landscape painter since 1971, Robert Gamblin studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of Oregon. The owner of Gamblin Conservation Colors, Robert has worked with top conservators recreating historic formulae and is active in educating the art community through projects and lectures. He is also the founder of Gamblin Artist Colors and the author of the "Gamblin Color Book", an informative resource detailing material qualities and techniques for the fine artist. For more information about Robert visit his website at www.robertgamblinstudio.com

Catherine Kumlin paints the landscapes near her Portland Oregon studio. She sees the landscape as a metaphor for her relationships and her place in the world. Color is the tool she uses to express her inner truths. She is a Founding Member of the Spiral Gallery in Estacada Oregon.