Teresa Saia

Moody Weather in Pastels

August 6-9
All Levels $395

Learn to capture the essence of weather in your pastel painting in this intensive 4-day workshop with Teresa Saia. Stormy or calm, wet or windy, night or day, Teresa will demonstrate daily the techniques she uses to infuse her painting with the drama of the elements. Learn how to paint stormy skies, wet pavement, windy days and the chill of winter. Learn how to combine a variety of photo references into simple, concise value studies that will then be your guide toward developing powerful compositions and successful paintings. Teresa creates a supportive energetic atmosphere, encourages humor and fun and provides the necessary structure for artistic growth. Teresa is a gem and one of our favorite instructors.

Teresa Saia has been a full time artist for 18 years and has traveled and studied with leading artists in the US and abroad. She teaches and exhibits throughout the US and is included in numerous private and corporate collections. For more information about Teresa, visit her website at: www.teresasaia.com