Teresa Saia

Eclectic Experimental Encaustic Lab

August 13-16
All Levels $395 + Materials Fee

Exactly like our May workshop, this 4-day experience is a complete emersion into all things possible with the encaustic medium. Larry will transform our two classrooms into a fully functioning encaustic studio, including several saws for 3-d projects, a sewing machine, photocopier, computer, torches, burning in tools and reams of resource materials and found objects. Any idea or experiment you might want to try, Larry is right there to brainstorm and make it happen. This workshop is very hands on with lots of one on one instruction and coaching. If you are new to encaustic, there will be a personalized introduction to the media and the various techniques. If you are familiar with the media, you can begin to explore new possibilities to enhance your images with Larry as your guide.

Larry Calkins is a full time mixed media artist and dedicated instructor living and working in the greater Seattle area. His art is a combination of painting, photography, computer drawings, fabric, metal sculpting and woodwork. He teaches and exhibits throughout the US and is included in numerous private and corporate collections. For more information about Larry, visit his website: www.calkinsart.com